Social Etiquette  
  Adult Program Junior Program
  Adult Program
  The Art of Fine Conversation
  Non-verbal Cues
  Telephone Etiquette
  Cell Phone Etiquette
  Dress Code
  Grooming & Hygiene
  Table etiquette
  Dining Etiquette
  social Dining Skills
  House Guests  
  Breathing Exercises  
  General Well Being Exercises
Target Audience
Any kind of a group
Clubs and Associations
Any Individuals
Duration : 12 hours
  Junior Program
  Art of Conversation
  Voice Modulation
  Safety & You
  Non-Verbal Communication
  Telephone Etiquette
  Table Etiquette
  Dining Etiquette
  Being a House Guests
Target Audience
Duration : 12 hours

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